The CC-15 electronic counter has been widely used throughout the industry in conjunction with lead forming operations or for general work preparation, kitting, and inventory control. Capable of counting to 999,999 (in both directions), the CC-15 also features a divider switch that allows it to count multi-leaded devices or SMDs on tape of various pitches.




Product Features




While the basic CC-15 can be used for hand feeding of taped axial or radial devices through the photosensor, it can also be adapted to a reel-to-reel assembly for axials and radials (the CB-111) or a reel-to-reel assembly for taped surface mount devices (the CB-112). Both systems are universally adjustable to accommodate varying tape widths. The CC-15 may be battery operated, but is also supplied with an AC adapter.



Up and down counter with 6-digit display up to "999999"

Divider ratio setting 1...8

Counting speed 100 counts/sec

Accuracy: +/1 digit





Dimensions: 7.5” x 4”x 1.2”

  190mm x 100mm x 30mm

Power:  NiCd built-in battery pack

  Optional 110V adapter

Direction of

Count:  Forward and reverse

Sensor: Infrared photo interrupter

Display: 6-digit up to “999999”


Speed:  100 counts/second



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