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Over three decades of dedicated service to the electronic assembly industry, we at Manix Manufacturing have been witness to quite a few changes in PCB assembly methods and technologies. As we are moving into the new millenium, it is certain that change will continue... at an ever increasing rate that will present newer and bolder challenges to manufacturers and suppliers alike. In the midst of such continuous and rapid change however, there are some things that remain constant... such as the Manix business philosophy.


At Manix, we believe that quality, performance and our customers' total satisfaction are our greatest assets. We take great pride in the many, close working relationships we have with our customers... relationships built on total commitment and trust... the kind that can only be obtained through products and services of the highest quality, responsiveness to our customers' latest needs, and a staff of conscientious, highly-trained sales, service and support personnel. For these reasons, you can also be assured that every product you will find on this site has undergone the most rigorous and extensive research, development and testing, before being included as part of our product line. We also guarantee that all of our products are manufactured under the strictest quality assurance guidelines and are backed by full warranties and high-level technical support.


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This website is a brief introduction to our product offerings. To obtain more detailed information, brochures or product data sheets, please fill out the required information on our contact form or feel free to contact us directly.


We look forward to your inquiries and comments by e-mail, but wish to speak to you in person whenever possible. You will find the members of our entire staff warm, friendly, knowledgeable and eager to respond to your needs, in addition to being some of the world's leading experts in their fields.

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